Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Where Art Lives

Where do my ceramic pieces end up? I mean specifically, on what shelf, in whose hands...

I often hear people discussing where they are want to place a piece they purchase:
a gargoyle right at the top of the stairwell, a triangle bowl  under a certain lamp a luminaria on a particular shelf.  I try to envision where they put it, of them using it.
So I decided to invite those who obtain my pieces to send me a photo of where they have put it, or one of them using it, depending on the kind of piece it is.

I sold this gargoyle on Saturday afternoon at KRASL, st Josephs, mi. by 545, the new owner had sent me this picture and this email: "
It was a pleasure meeting you today! Here is your creation, with a dr Seuss sludge tarpon for company."  probably the fastest i have ever gotten a response! I think the gargoyle has found a good home! 

An artist friend, Dawn, posteda pic of the piece she got from me on facebook:
"The beautiful new addition to my house. A vase/tumbler from my sweet friend Thomas Harris" Awww, although many who saw this were more taken by the window in the background! proud to have a piece near such a beautiful window!

I sold this piece to the mother of a fellow artist back in Feb of this year, and recently got this photo of where it is displayed in their kitchen:

Janet made a purchase of several yunomis at the Columbus Arts Festival:

"Displaying my new wine glasses on my bakers rack.  Love them!"

Blue Bowl: the title of the email was "where I live"
"I bought this piece at Cincinnati Winterfair in November 2013. With a blue candle, it sits atop a marbletop cabinet in our solarium.
Great talking to you yesterday at Summerfair."
Mu friend Erick comes and helps me with some of my glazing when i am in a pinch,
 which is often enough. he asked if he could borrow the piece pictured below, 
one slated for a bit of kintsugi repair. He wanted to show me how good the piece
looks where he has it...hmmm. it does look better there than in my studio collecting

Talpid 2 finds a home in St Louis
It was a pleasure meeting Diann and her husband. they sent me this great photo of the Rooster Gargoyle in their home! Thanks Diann.

On the Mantel, Front and Center:
thanks to Dr Frank Pianki for sending this photo (and for taking the trouble of taking and sending three separate photos for me to choose from. )...
On the Mantel in the center, in the living room. Sweet!

 Indiana Artisan: Nice to see Clay Guild Members!
Adam, Larry, Kris and I were in the show, Leanne, Rebecca, Daria were there shopping, did I miss anybody?  Thanks to Leanne for giving a good home to one of my little multi-color vases, (and for sending me this great photo!):

"A sweet little vase for my parrot tulip.
Love it!"

Local Clay Trade
Speaking of trades, Barbie wanted one of my ducktail mugs, and (her) Adam from our Local Clay Guild offered to make me one with throw rings and stein sized. Couldn't refuse!
here is barbie, pretty in pink, with her acquisition in use!

"Here's my morning coffee photo for you . Still went with my pink for you. Lol"
The pink thing: there was this great story see, about this lady in pink camo, see, and slippers, and a bow, and a buck, but thats for another time.....

Barely Back from Indiana Artisan in Indianapolis
 when Laurie sent me this:

"Tried it with shredded wheat. Love it."
She actually mentioned that it reminded her of Alice in Wonderland even before I told her i call it a Madhatter Teacup. Great minds...Oversize, great for soup. and for breakfest cereal too. awesome.
Thanks Laurie!

Met up with Michael and Victoria at Kentucky Crafted.
 Did another trade. I love trades. I got a couple of Michael's squints, Michael posted  this on Facebook:
"Cuppa the day is from Thomas G Harris... He layers the cup and then sands it back in these lovely layers!"
Thanks Michael!

Pocket watch and pot:
Erick from Bloomington actually sent me several pictures to choose from. I chose this one, which shows some of the other things that reside on his desk.
"Just holding it makes the coffee taste better. Thanks!"

The Gargoyle and The Cat
Even though Laura and Moises in Bloomington got this Grotesque from my solo Exhibition at the Waldron Arts center in April 2013, it wasn't until today that they sent me a picture of it. Apparently the cat has taken to hang out up there with the  HellHound:

I'll see if they want me to make a pair of wings for the kitty...
How cool is that? Here is a closeup ot the HellHound: